Transforming Lives.
Transforming Everything.


We are a new Vineyard church community in Denver, CO. We have a heart for people and for our city.  We believe that we start by changing ourselves and then our city. We love our city by loving our neighbors, the person who lives next door, above or below or beside us.  What could our neighborhoods look like if people were connected at some level and genuinely cared for one another? (rather than the color of our cars or lawns?)  But loving our city is hard. People make us mad, frustrated, stressed, and so forth and we end up contributing and being part of the very thing that we are wanting to see changed in our city.  We need something greater than our efforts and attempts that tend to fall short. The never-ending love we have found in God empowers us to change our city. When we stand behind this, there is nothing stopping us.

But we can't do this alone.  We need each other. We need relationships.  Deep, genuine, authentic, can go to for anything, call anytime, be ourselves, freely loved, freely forgiven, messed up, working to get better, not driven by what you do for me but who you are, “fridge rights” relationships.

Our city and our culture isn't helping us.  Be independent, “trust in yourself”, “believe in yourself and you can do anything”, get your life together first, what if they found out what you’ve done, what if they find out who you really are, you should just hide behind your social media account that way you can control what “they” see.  Change starts when we are connected, individualistic in our unique persons yet united towards one vision and mission. To love our city, the way Jesus loves it and change it inside and out starts by loving the person next door.

We are a church plant in the Denver Tech Center hoping to launch in January of 2020.  We believe in Jesus and because of Him, we can change our city. We live in one of the most affluent areas in the United States yet our city is full of lonely, stressed out, depressed individuals.  Wealthier than any generation who has lived before us, with our hands full of stuff but our hearts are empty.

We believe the church can be the primary place where human love is best expressed and experienced. We strive to create that community.  When Jesus comes in and transforms our lives, we can be a part of transforming others and bring about positive change for our city. Will you join us?


About The Trenda’s.


Derek and Bridget Trenda are the DTC Vineyard church planters and will lead the vision of this new church. They have given their lives to following Jesus as He directs them to plant a church in the city in which they live. They have been married for over 15 years and have three children, Kamryn, Cason and Avery.


You’re invited to connect with us!

Relationships are the core of how we begin to transform lives.  Humans weren't meant to live life alone. Our goal is to foster deep, authentic relationships that allow us to transform our city. Right now we have a few ways you can get to know us…


We have these monthly at different homes and different locations.  It's a great way to meet people for the first time, invite friends and welcome neighbors in a laid back environment.  We want to make more room for more people.


We meet every Sunday at 11:45am at Torchy's Taco's, 8505 E Arapahoe Rd, Greenwood Village, CO 80111. This allows us to meet new people, have good conversation and eat good food with our growing community! Our goal is that we all get more connected as we do this.

Life Circles.

These are the closest of spaces with the goal of creating significant Christ-centered relationships. Growing deep with one another and fostering discipleship. Our circles meet weekly at different days/times during the week (August-May). Contact the leader or host to check one out.

We love our city, here's how we show it...

Loving our neighbors is one thing but joining in on the other great organizations impacting our city is another. These organizations are great at what they do, we want to help support them and partner with them by giving them our time, energy and money.


Building bridges of authentic friendship with high schoolers.

Equipping and sending out indigenous leaders to plant churches in Ethiopia and the South Sudan.

Serving the poor by children’s feeding initiatives, community outreaches and disaster response.


Providing holistic care to orphans, street children and impoverished families in the Philippines.


Better together is not just a tagline.

The DTC Vineyard is part of the the Mile High Vineyard which is a Family of Neighborhood Churches in Denver, Colorado. We exist as part of the Neighborhood City Collective (NCC) with the vision to plant Neighborhood Churches that partner with God to be part of His redemptive history in every area of our city and beyond.